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For more than forty years, Harry Greenberger of HG Limited has brought his keen eye and modern sensibility to the presentation and selling of Mid-Century and Modern Age objects in the New York City area.

Early in his career, Harry became attracted to creating and showing categories of items in collections. One paper stapler was unique; three staplers became interesting and a collection of 50 or more became an experience that allowed the viewer to notice and to enjoy all the creative variations. Among the many collections created by Greenberger are welder’s masks, tea kettles, aluminum cased electric drills, dog muzzles, plumb bobs and lawn sprinklers.

Greenberger also identified the unique place that hammered aluminum giftware held as the last handcrafted product made in America. He became an authority on the process and makers. He learned how to polish and restore these items. HG Limited is now a primary resource for hammered aluminum giftware manufactured in the United States during the 1930’s.

Quirky mid-century inventions have also found a place in HG Limited’s inventory. Mr. Greenberger discovered items like the “Top-O-Stove” potato baker, the “Quickie Cooler” for hot beverages and the “Krakall” nut cracker that were rich in design and a clear reflection of their era. The range of these gadgets is surprising. Harry has shown everything from a self-feeding soldering gun to a highway toll gun; from a glass dashboard coffee maker to a Pyrex iron.

HG Limited sells privately and currently has a presence at The Hudson Mercantile in Hudson, NY. Twice annually, Mr. Greenberger participates in The Pier Antique Show in New York City. Harry is an active buyer of important examples of hammered aluminum and items that fall within his current collections.